What is Academy Soccer?

Academy Soccer

The FC KENTUCKY Academy offers soccer players the chance to take their soccer abilities to the next level. Licensed coaches work with academy players to improve their technical skills and grow as players to continue in recreational soccer or make the jump into select soccer.


Academy Soccer (U8 & U9 age groups)

The FC Academy offers players and parents a transition into Select (competitive) Soccer. This is an opportunity to train with licensed coaches that are going to focus on improving players’ technical skills (ball mastery, passing, shooting, and more) in a more structured manner based on the overall Club Curriculum. The program is built to improve competence and build confidence as players progress through the program to be successful at the next level. We hope to build a love for the game of soccer in a low-pressure environment.

The Academy has two 75-90 minute training sessions per week. Playdates with other Academies in the area will be scheduled each season where score is not kept. During this time, the coaches stress fundamentals, spacing, proper teamwork, and lay the groundwork for higher-level soccer. Playdates compete with 7 players per side, including Goalkeepers. Some travel (typically within a 90 minute drive of Winchester) may occur for these playdates. Academy teams play two matches on most Saturdays.

The focus of the academy is on improving skills and encouraging players to be brave on the field.

Player Assessments and Seasonal Commitments

Players interested in joining the Academy must attend the club’s assessments that are offered in May or June. Joining the Academy is a one-year commitment and includes both the Fall and Spring Seasons. The program also offers opportunities for optional offseason training, as well as Goalkeeper Training.

All Academy coaches will be evaluating all potential players. Players' scores will be put together to allow for a ranking system. The top 11(10 depending on player numbers) players will be invited to the level A team. Then, depending on numbers, the next teams will be made. This is to ensure that we are teaching these fundamental soccer skills to the players at their level. Our goal is to help build fundamentally sound players while reaching each player's emotional and social needs as we go. The Academy will be working to ensure that we are building a holistic player.

Once the teams are finalized and parents have accepted the invitation to a team, the club will register teams based on their division. The divisions will be either a 7v7 or 5v5 structure. Games and friendlies will be scheduled either by the governing structure or by our club. We will make competitive schedules for all teams listed in FC Kentucky Academy.

Evaluations of skills will be conducted before Fall season and before Spring season. This is to ensure that we are seeing growth and development across the board. The focus of the Academy is building fundamental soccer skills which allows training and knowledge of all positions. 


Program Fees for 2024-2025

Academy Cost - $400 + uniform kit plus 6% sales tax